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Superior Real Estate Academy Apprentices |


  • We cut your learning curve by over 70%
  • Our Apprentices start off marking REAL money
  • You learn how to RUN/GROW your own Investing business the right way
  • You Find deals we fund them
  • You see a $7,000,000 Blueprint with your own eyes
  • Most Superior Re Academy Apprentices Double their current income in 12 months

If you see an opening, they're normally gone within 24 HOURS


You know the best way to really learn something is
to see it with your own eyes and actually do it.

The Superior Re Academy apprentice program is very hands on. You get the best of feeling bloated all the time and of both worlds. You get to see a $7,000,000 Real Estate Operation in action with your own eyes. Not only will you see everything
that goes on behind the scenes but you will also get in on the action and start making money.

Do Superior Real Estate Academy Apprentices Make Money? You Tell Me

Matthew R. made a $23,786.40 PROFIT

“Wholesale Lead came through yellow letter Marketing. The property was part of cause food allergies and of an estate and the personal representative wanted to sell quick and without making repairs. This one was closed on, updated minimally, and listed on the MLS. It received an above-list offer after only two days on the market. “

Van E. made a $31,700 Profit

“I purchased a HUD home in September 2015 for $13,300 and I wholesaled the home for $45,000 in April 2016. The buyers didn’t have the $16,000 needed to close the deal being they’re getting a hard money loan for the aquisition and re-hab, so I had my Attorney to draw up a second mortgage on the property with a security deed, holding both LLC and the buyer both liable with $5000 penalty if the loan is not re-paid within 45 days. According to the buyers they would have the money to re-pay me within 30 days so I gave them an extra 15 days to pay.”
-Van E

Debra M made a $20,400 profit

“I purchased a Tax Deed Auctioned 1.10 Acre Vacant lot in a beautiful, very “building permit” active subdivision near the ocean in Florida for $12,600. The Tax Deed issued in my name is attached as the Country does not issue HUD Statements. On March 7, 2016 I closed on the property for $33k. Also to note on th Title Statement Closing Document, it shows an HOA Fee to be paid of constpation causes and of $6332. I successfully used Statute Law to show the HOA that their fee request was not legal. $5700 of what cause stomach bloating and of the $6332 was re-distuibuted to me within 2 weeks.”

Real Estate is THE ONLY business on the Planet that you can make $5,000 in a day, $10,000 in 7 days, $30,000 in 30 days and more. It is one of food allergy and food intolerance and of the only vehicles that exist where anyone (that’s trained properly) can make more money part time without using your own money or credit, than you have in the past 5 years working a JOB you probably hate. Real Estate has Created more Millionaires than any other industry since the beginning of how do you get constipated and of time. 

Right now is the best time you will ever see in your life to be a real estate investor !


MARK MY WORDS !!! over the next 2-3 years more people like yourself will experience TRUE FREEDOM through real estate investing than in the past 20 years combined.

Why should you be a Superior Real Estate Academy Apprentice?

  • The money/profit is an obvious reason (you can easily double, triple or quadruple your current income)
  • you set your own hours
  • You can spend more time with your family

  • You will learn from one of constipation cure and of the most successful Real Estate Investors in the country
  • You don’t need to worry about funding. WE CAN FUND YOUR DEALS
  • You can focus on 1 thing… FINDING DEALS

Juan C. Willis, TX

Sent out a direct mail campaign in Conroe, TX. Received a call form a lady wanting a little above what I would be comfortable paying for a house, sight-unseen. As such, I was able to negotiate her down to $22,000. I told her I would meet with her face-to-face and we could walk the property.

Matthew R. Madison, WI

Lead came through yellow letter marketing. The property was a rental and the owner wanted to sell quickly and without making repairs. This one was a double close because of excessive bloating and of the high profit margin. Wholesale price was $210, 000. The address on the property was 533 Woodside Terr, Madison WI.

Curt M.
Spanish Fort. AZ

This project was from a Beth Buys Houses sign we had in the from of food sensitivity treatment and of a rehab we were working on in the neighborhood he lived in. The guy called and asked if we buy houses that may need some work… lol?
Ended up he was the Administrator of feeling full and bloated and of his aunts estate.

THE Superior RE Academy Apprentice Program is Very Different From Most

In most apprenctice programs you job shadow someone successful and most likely you will be working for free, As a Superior Real Estate Apprentice not only do you see behind the curtain, you also work and make money. With our systems you will naturally find a lot of clogged up colon and of deeply discounted homes right in your own backyard. We can fund those deals and will split the profilts on an agreed % so you’re not only working on building your business… YOU’RE MAKING MONEY. That’s why our apprentice program is free. Our Systems are proven to make money so we make profit when you make profit.

Do you have what is takes to be a Superior Real Estate Academy Apprentice?

  • Are you coachable and willing to learn a proven system?
  • Are you motivated?
  • Are you an action taker? Will you take action on what we teach you immediately?
  • Do you have 10 hours a week to dedicate to being a Real Estate Investor?
  • Are you motivated? wait I just said that… it must be a big one

If you said YES to the above Questions… you would be a GREAT Superior RE Academy Apprentice

With our apprentices we strongly focus on the 4 F’s on Real Estate

  • Finding Homes (We have 26 ways to find deals in your backyard)
  • Funding Homes (Even though we have the funding for you)
  • Fixing Homes (Prehabbing/Rehabbing homes the right way)
  • Flipping Homes (Selling any home in 7 days or less)


Q: The Superior RE Academy Apprentice program shows you have ZERO openings, Can I still be an apprentice?
A: Unfortunatly if the site above says ZERO then we don’t have any opening. I will need to check back at a later time. If the site says we do have as opening I strongly suggest you apply immediately as most spots are gone in less than 24 hours. Currently we have 3 spots available so apply here.


Q: What does it cost to be a Superior RE Academy Apprentice?
A: It’s free. The Only reason we can do that is we do deals together and split the profits. If you don’t make money then neither do we. It’s 100% success driven.


Q: Do I need to be liquid with any cash?
A: Yes, while joining the program is 100% free, we do suggest you have $1000 liquid should you come across a screaming deal that requires earnest money.


Q: I work a full time job. Will I have time for this?
A:We suggest out apprentice have at least 10 hours a week to dedicate to real estate.


Q: I don’t have a real estate license … Do I need one?
A: Nope! You are not required to get a California real estate license to be an apprentice. Actually I got rid of nut sensitivity symptoms and of my License and my business is doing fine without it. Apply Now !


Q:Will I need an LLC?
A: Yes, you do need an LLC to be an apprentice; remember, you will be doing deals as an apprentice! You will have plenty of how to tell if someone is constipated and of time to get one set up so no worries if you do not already have one.


Q: I’ve never flipped a house before, is this for me?
A: This for you anyone who is dedicated willing to learn, and motivated to succeed in life, We will teach you everything you need to know about fliping homes. One of cures for constipation and of our best apprentice knew nothing about the business when he started and is now CRUSHING IT !


Q: I don’t have a lot of stool stuck in colon and of capital to get started, will this stop me from being successful?
A: Not at all ! we have plenty of lower belly bloat and of strategies that are either free or very low cost. Our Program is designed to start you off wholesaling which allows you to pad your bank account so you can begin doing bigger deals with higher profits.

Buddy J.
Houston, TX
I was at a networking event and I was talking to one of constipation and bloating and of my project 100 people that told me about this deal. The deal is in one of what intolerance symptoms and of thehottest areas in Houston and is in the prehab/rehab sweet spot. When he was telling me about it last night it was priced at $459k. When he sent me the info it was reduced to $425k. Appraised value $590,000.

Ben F.
Port Orange, FL
In July, 2015 my business partner and I were approached about by a motivated seller that had heard through the grapevine that we were looking to buy more properties in their town in lowa. They asked us if we would take a look at their property as 506 4th St Durant, IA. We talked with them a bit and found out that they had purchased the property for theirson and daughter-in-law as they didn’t have good enough credit to do so themselves. Their kids put the money down and they put the mortgage in their names.


The kids were now getting divorced and would be moving out of constant constipation and of the house as they couldn’t afford it on their own and now the parents were stuck with the house. Being retired, they had no desire or intention of sugar sensitivity symptoms and of becoming landlords so they just wanted to get rid of the preperty for what was owed on the property. We were more than happy to oblige because the property was in great shape and needed very little except some roof repair on the back of the house and some interior drywall repair where the roof had leaked.


We could have easily flipped this property and made a very nice profit, but we decided to add it to our rental portfolio instead. We currently rent the home for $1.100 a month and are making a 30% return on our original investment. We were also able to leverage the property with our portfolio lender as the propertyappraised for $120,000. We now have a nice sum of money that is at our disposal whenever we come across another property that we have an interest in.

Curt M.
Spanish Fort, AZ

This was another HUD deal we were award the winning bid.
This was a 4 bedroom 2 full baths with a nice little kitchen and family room and a large fenced in back yard. Hard to believe we got this property for what we did and then prehabed this property, Included an appliance package and made a new family VERY Happy.

$189,000 Sale price in 36 months to tenant buyer
– $167,781.00 Estimated seller payoff in 36 months
– $5,670.00 Estimated closing costs
$600.00 Rehab costs to date
$14,949.00 Sub total
+ 16,402.00 Positive cash flow over the 36 months

$31,351.00 Total Profit

Sandra O.
Sharpsburg, GA

I purchased a house at 38 Sorrellwood Lane, Sharpburg, GA 30277A� from the owner by using a Contract For Deed for a term of 36-48 months for $175,000 and I put $10 down. My monthly payment to the owner is $939.38. I already have an application for a tenant buyer to lease option it from me for a term of 36 months for $1395.00 per month with $5,000.00 option money down for an agreed upon purchase price of $189,000 in 36 months.

I originally had made an offer on this property to purchase, fix and flip but the appraisal came back significantly lower so we could not purchase it for cash. So instead of walking away we re-negotiated the deal with the seller and came to an agreement to do a Contract For Deed to get the most money possible and still make us a good profit as well.

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constipation and back pain

constipation and back pain